Without rhyme or reason. Both can be so overrated.

My photo organization system is a HOT MESS. I’m not talking photo organization in a *scrapbooking* sort-of way, but in an *I have an iPhone and DSLR and even take pictures of the grass growing* kind-of way. How many pictures of coffee cups sitting on a table or next to my computer does a girl […]

A Photo Story. Ish. A.K.A. I don’t know what else to do with all these pictures!

I don’t know about you, but… ever since the invention of the CAMERA PHONE…. I do haz a lotz of picturez. And then there’s Instagram, which makes you feel like there is even MORE of a reason to take pictures of things like… YOUR FOOD, etc and whathaveyou. I was going to do a little […]

Teenagers. Well, ALMOST.

What do you think is happening in this picture between my son and me? Typical angsty pre-teen stuff, right? The dialogue maybe goes something like: Me: Son. Why did you jump off the couch and break your wrist? Him: Why are you my mom? ACTUALLY… what really went down while we were sitting in the […]

Bayshore Machine Works: Finding beauty in old stuff

I had never noticed this building before. Though I have been in that area before. Many times. I love old the weathered look of old spaces and places. The depth. Texture. “If these walls could talk…” Of course, living in the PNW… maybe that building is only a few years old. I’m not even kidding. […]

Make Me Laugh Monday (a vlog): My girl…

Lucy. She cracks me up. She keeps me laughing. She also keeps me on my toes. One day last week I took a shower (I didn’t take a shower ONLY 1 day last week, but whatever…). When I came out I found wrapping and printer paper across the living room… crayons and glue sticks… colored-on […]