Simple Summer PhotoTips

I’m gonna lay this baby out like a good sermon – 3 points, ya’ll! Organization (ish), Preparedness (which is really the first cousin of organization), and Creativity … all for the purpose of getting us out there and capturing the goodness of summer! Simple Summer Photo Tips  1) Get Organized! I’m a mom. Due to […]

Wearing Clothes Inside Out and Mirrors. And Hamsters. And Photobombs.

Here’s a picture of my feet on the shore of the Pacific Ocean… at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara. *I die* I am so creative with writing something in the sand and taking a picture of my feet while a bit of water rolls in. Nobody’s ever done that! Right? Oh. Sometimes I like […]

Well HELLO there PicMonkey: A photo editing tutorial (of sorts)

Raise your hand if you tore your clothes like they used to in Biblical days when you heard Picnik was closing shop. *waves hand wildly* But friends! tear your clothing no more! Have you met PicMonkey??? First off, I have no relationship with PicMonkey… I am just a girl who has great fear of Photoshop […]

Closet, blue, heart, phone, something new, and TIME.

Inside your closet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? On Feb. 12, the inside of my closet was not photo worthy. Plus, also, and moreover closets are dark and not given to nice photography. And to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to clean my closet in order to take a picture. I mean, I could […]

February: Photo a Day

Just takin’ pictures… At ten in the morning… Just out of the shower.. Being the boss of my coffee and wearing deodorant and such. Ah… dinner. Every day. It happens EVERY DAY. So why does it always catch me by surprise? Button. This is one of the most important buttons of my life. I live in […]

A Lens-Eye View

I decided to bring my computer and me out of my cold, dark office and join the land of the living… the kitchen table. School was cancelled, but I still had work to do. Seriously. I DID HAVE WORK. I may have Facebooked. And Tweeted. And also spent a few too many minutes on Modcloth. […]

JOtS and the Dog

Let’s see… I got a sexy new camera for The Christmas… and I LUH HER. I am not a photographer. Nor am I a reader of manuals of electronics. So I mess around. With her… my camera… but not in a “back seat of the car” sort-of way. To be clear. Though, I will confess… there […]

Were we to have coffee today…

I might be carrying around my new BFF. And she takes HD video, so… watch-out YouTube!!! Now, I need to see a man about a shotgun mic… Oh how my heart flutters… Were we sitting across each other at a coffee shop table, I’d blather about the holidays a bit… My parents came and if […]

Photo Apps are Like Crack

Like Crack Cocaine, ya’lls. I suppose now I’ll start getting search traffic for “cocaine”. Oh well. I have been referred to for MUCH worse, so… Photo apps for one’s phone (iPhone) are like crack, except I don’t imagine my addiction to photo apps will leave me homeless, toothless and diseased… butidigress… However, not unlike a […]

What to Wear Wednesday!

*Real quick! I have a vlogging class up over at Mom Spark Media! Good stuff, if I do say so myself!* Don’t get this confused with a “fashion” post. Or do. I am not the boss of you. These are just things I would totally wear, but do not own. Not to be mistaken as […]