Up, Fruit, a Smile, and a few other things…

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. It’s not hard to take at least one picture each day, but it can be hard to take a specific picture. Hitherhencetofore… On March 1, an exhausted Jenny, after a day of traveling and bustling about, with no picture to represent the word UP… found herself on the bed […]

Closet, blue, heart, phone, something new, and TIME.

Inside your closet. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? On Feb. 12, the inside of my closet was not photo worthy. Plus, also, and moreover closets are dark and not given to nice photography. And to be honest, I wasn’t in the mood to clean my closet in order to take a picture. I mean, I could […]

February: Photo a Day

Just takin’ pictures… At ten in the morning… Just out of the shower.. Being the boss of my coffee and wearing deodorant and such. Ah… dinner. Every day. It happens EVERY DAY. So why does it always catch me by surprise? Button. This is one of the most important buttons of my life. I live in […]