How To: Edible Peeps Play Dough

You guys. PEEPS PLAY DOUGH! The following posts are practically/literally covered with the rainbow-colored fine sugar! DIY Peeps Necklace 3 Things to DIY with Peeps Vodka Infused Peeps Oh, and have you heard of Peeps on a Perch? Off the topic a bit… how about getting creative with egg cartons from all that egg decorating?? […]

How To: Marshmallow Vodka Infused Peeps

I kinda went a little crazy with the Peeps. Vodka Infused Peeps Did you see the Peeps necklace DIY video? I bought so many Peeps. Really, I could have purchased FAR more than I did. In case you haven’t paid attention lately… but the selection of Peeps is OFF THE HOOK. I didn’t plan to […]