Why Unstructured Time Matters for Tweens

Why DOES unstructured time matters for tweens? Can’t view the video? Watch HERE! *This is post was created in partnership with Ask. Listen. Learn. All opinion is my own. There is a school of thought that says a busy kid is a kid that stays out of trouble. While I do agree with that, I […]

The Argument In Support Of Keeping Teens Busy. Very Busy.

I have mentioned somewhere before that I used to be critical of parents who keep their teens and kids busy. You know how the judgement goes, “KIDS ARE TOO BUSY THESE DAYS!” And then the dentures come loose and a cane goes flying… I think that might have been a legit argument in earlier decades […]

Parenting, Teens, and The Crisis of Time

I have always been a fairly fast mover. Involved in as many things as a day could hold. And then some. People who walk… um… not fast… drive me bonkers. Even when there is no time constraint there is still much to do, even if means walking to my car so I can just get home […]

Does Parenting Get Easier?

Does parenting get easier? I hear this question get asked all over the place. IRL. Online. While listening in on conversations. Oh come on, YOU DO IT TOO. The question is asked in those exact words, or phrased some other way, but the heart of the question is actually a plea… “PLEASE TELL ME THIS […]

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week, y’all.

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week, y’all. And I have partnered with IKnowEverything (a program of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (Responsibility.org) to help spread the word… DRINKING AND DRIVING IS BAD. I have been paid by responsibility.org to help spread the word. OK. Now that we have that out of the way… plus […]


“No eating in the living room.” This is not just a rule… it is a life truth. Like sunsets and sunrises. Like Pumpkin Spice lattes in the Fall. There are a few exceptions: popcorn on family movie night and the very occasional dinner in the living room. But let’s be honest, folks. Eating on the […]


My son. My first born. 14 years ago. Whoa. On your 14th birthday morning, you and I descended the stairs together. I reminisced, “Fourteen years ago today… at this very moment… I was in the BIGGEST pain of my life. The nurse had to yell at me to calm down.” I will never let you […]

You know what the baby books never told us: A note on COMPROMISE

You know what the baby books never told us? I never, never, never, no not EVER once read a chapter that stated, There will be a point when you pick up a {the heavens only knows how old} Goldfish cracker off your van floor… and without thought nor care… YOU WILL PUT IT IN YOUR […]

Birthday Letter to My Daughter… My Middle Child.

My daughter… our middle child turned 11 last week. ELEVEN. Somebody send a medic! When they say time flies, THEY are NOT lying. Most years I write a birthday letter to each of my kiddos and share them here. I do it in part for them to read someday, and in part as an essay on […]

She’s 8.

8 years ago today, 10 pounds and 5 ounces of joy was birthed into my world. My youngest. My youngest is 8, and when *they* say *it* goes by fast… *they* are not lying. Oh my heck. Lucy means light. I deeply believe that Lucy lives up to her name. She has boundless energy with […]