Birthday Letter to My Daughter… My Middle Child.

My daughter… our middle childĀ turned 11 last week. ELEVEN. Somebody send a medic! When they say time flies, THEY are NOT lying. Most years I write a birthday letter to each of my kiddos and share them here. I do it in part for them to read someday, and in part as an essay on […]

In Which My Fifth Grade Daughter Calls Out Hernando de Soto

My daughter had to do a research paper on an explorer. She chose Hernando de Soto. Because OBVIOUSLY. Olivia knew nothing about Sir Hernando, so imagine her surprise when some of the facts of his life choices finally registered… … In a book I read that he as a brave and courageous explorer but, I […]

Makes A Mommy Blogger Proud…

I helped my daughter with her blog this weekend. I walked her through the process of uploading a picture to her posts. Finally. For a post about Thanksgiving. I found this note in my inbox a few days later… Of all the awesome… My girl. Not only do we share a love of accessories, but […]

Dear Mom,

I just wanted to say that your the best Mom in the hole wid(e) world! I would Never want enny other mom like you! So I’m giving you something! Love, Olivia “I never want any other mom like you…” And that something she gave me? The note. ***P.S. Have you voted? I am currently at […]