Pinch Me: Kickin’ It. With the Rockettes. Literally.

First of all… let me just say this… It is impossible for me to ever become a Rockette. Not because of skill. Nor lack there-of. I CAN DANCE. Nor drive. I AM AN ENDURANCE MANIAC! *exeption: childbirth* I will never become a Rockette because at age *none of your business, but ond enough to sprout […]

I tried to make a VLOG about NYC, but… KIDS.

I tried to make a VLOG about NYC, but… Well, yeah – KIDS. I am discovering I need to step up my vlog game or Lucy may end up stealing all my glory. Or something. Since I didn’t get to really tell you about NYC in my video, I want to share with you pictures of […]

4 Women + 5 Days in NYC = HOW MANY PAIRS OF SHOES???

Oh, about 25. Give or take. Our feet will never be the same. MAD LOVE to my wonderful BlogHer 12 roomies – Amy of Mom Spark, Haley of Love, Life, Family and Then Some, and Tamara of MomRN! ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via email or in your blog reader. Are you […]