The Mrs at BlogHer 14 Conference! #imEnough

Who loves an all-female rock band? WE DO!!! Enter: The Mrs.… They are an all-female rock band from Austin, Texas who will take the stage at BlogHer ’14 right before Kerry Washington’s keynote address on Saturday afternoon. 12:30 on Saturday, y’all. I’m going to be there! I am hoping that all of you who are […]

It’s the FOURTH Annual POULSBOPALOOZA in 3… 2…1…

In it’s fourth year, Poulsbopalooza is. This Saturday, August 11, 2012!!! This local event is particularly near-and-dear for several reasons: 1) It started small (2009) in an effort to bring the stage to us… Don’t wait for an invitation, people. Become THE INVITER… A local park had a stage. I called up the local parks […]

Running: My Musical Strategy

One of the biggest motivations for me to get out and running is music. Running (a.k.a. JOGGING) gives me the opportunity to play music I love AS LOUD AS I WANT. It’s all about me. Not unlike this blog. Aaaaaaanwho… Lately, I have taken to running a shy 3 miles near my home. PROBLEM IS… […]

SHUT. UP. (and let me go) – I SAW THE TING TINGS!

It’s true. I GOT TO SEE THE TING TINGS IN CONCERT. I love them. And it was SO flippin’ awesome to see them IRL. Dream come true. And really, it was an ideal concert… tickets prices were reasonable and it was at a small venue. Plus, Katie totes knocked over that drum and a mic […]

In Which I Am THAT Parent: No You Cannot Download That Song.

I do not go into great detail here about my religio-politico bent. Why? Well, for one, I don’t think religio-politico is a word. And for two… if others don’t agree with me I think they are stupid. We wish I was kidding. Maybe that was a little harsh, but when it comes down to it, […]

Ain’t no party like a rock-out for baby bottoms party!

Once a upon a time there was a husband. He was a husband who loved music and his guitar. A husband who was very talented in his guitar-ness and sang like someone who was really awesome at singing. That husband was also a father who needed to work and earn a real living rather than […]

What to Wear Wednesday: Music

I know, I know… music is not WEARABLE, but go with me on this… O.K., maybe I’m stretching the “what to wear” theme, but it’s not like there’s blog police arrestin’ bloggers for loose interpretation of weekly themes. Plus, I am a rebel. So. Exercisers… or people who have been or want to strap on […]

Hey Mrs. DJ, Turn the Record On…

I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up… A special thanks to my friend Giyen for taking a whole lot of pictures OF ME in Hotlanta… and to the house DJ that let me get near his, uh… equipment. I didn’t quite know what to do with all the […]

Future Gaga: Lady Gaga to Lady Grama in One Fell Post

This is Lady Gaga: And THIS is Lady GRAMA (on right):