Note: I first shared this short essay on Motherhood in May 2012. Though my kids are 4 years bigger, my heart still feels very much the same. I suppose I always will *heart emoticon*… I don’t know about you… but motherhood for me has been NOTHING like I expected. I TOTALLY underestimated the blessing of motherhood. […]

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. (Yes, this is a Mother’s Day post, with VIDEO!)

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to help run this holiday into the ground with ANOTHER post about moms/mother’s day. But, here lies my contribution to the internet. My family helped me make a little video for Mother’s Day. There are no flowers. Nor jewelry. No pedicures. No fancy brunch. Nope. But it fits. With new […]

Give Your Mom Some LOVE!

Mark your calendars… It happens EVERY. YEAR. … Mother’s Day. The day we get to celebrate the lives that gave us life. Or at least be all, “Hey… thanks Mom…” Since I am a mom, I am TOTALLY on board with this holiday! Mama deserves a little thanks… a nod… a clever sentiment… a hug. […]

I am either a terrible mother OR I am as thoughtful as Jesus.

I would say if I am consistent at anything… I am consistent at flopping when it comes to motherhood. I wouldn’t say I am a BAD mom. I just… I KNOW ME. I HAVE ROOM TO GROW. A LOT OF ROOM. I am impatient. I have high expectations. I am short-tempered. I get cranky. I […]