Note: I first shared this short essay on Motherhood in May 2012. Though my kids are 4 years bigger, my heart still feels very much the same. I suppose I always will *heart emoticon*… I don’t know about you… but motherhood for me has been NOTHING like I expected. I TOTALLY underestimated the blessing of motherhood. […]

Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. (Yes, this is a Mother’s Day post, with VIDEO!)

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to help run this holiday into the ground with ANOTHER post about moms/mother’s day. But, here lies my contribution to the internet. My family helped me make a little video for Mother’s Day. There are no flowers. Nor jewelry. No pedicures. No fancy brunch. Nope. But it fits. With new […]


My son. My first born. 14 years ago. Whoa. On your 14th birthday morning, you and I descended the stairs together. I reminisced, “Fourteen years ago today… at this very moment… I was in the BIGGEST pain of my life. The nurse had to yell at me to calm down.” I will never let you […]

Of COURSE I have eyes on the back of my head… I’m a MOM!

Mom = eyes on the back of the head, right? Lucy: Mom, can you see behind you? Lucy asked me that the other day. Being as sharp and “on it” as I often am I turned my head. I looked behind me and said, “YES.” Like, DUUUUH. Lucy digged: No. NO. Like if you are […]

Confession: I like my kids

(Originally published December 23, 2011. Almost a year after writing this, I still feel the same way…) I confess…. I like my kids. I do. I. Like. My. Kids. There. I said it. I have spent a fair amount of time here opening up about the difficulties of motherhood. I mean, kids are work. Not […]

21 (maybe 23) Things I Never Knew: Parenting and A Few Other Things

You know how you “know”. Then it turns out you. like, totally didn’t. WELCOME TO LIFE FOR ALL MANKIND. Which reminds me of a quote: Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself. Mankind. Basically, it’s made up of two separate words—‘mank’ and ‘ind’. What do these words mean? […]

Her two left feet… I mean SHOES.

Literally. Ish. Actually… Two left SHOES. Before I became a mom I assumed I’d hit lows. I just had no idea that a day would come where my husband would call up the stairs and say, Hey Jenny? These shoes you want Lucy to wear… they’re both left feet. In which case I find myself […]

So many plans… so little control over said plans…

I typically start stressing about the upcoming week 2 weeks before the week… Make sense? Neither does this… Aaaanywho… Sunday night — the 6 year old went from 98.6 to 103 in 30 minutes. Tonight, the middle child walked in the door after school and announced, “I threw up on the bus.” Then she continued […]

For Which I am Thankful…

This is not a Thanksgiving post. But it totes could be. But it’s not. As I work on my mind and fight back the negativity… I find the things I am thankful for on a good day, I am even MORE thankful for at times like these. My husband My kids Sharpies (not for use […]

“There’s no place like home…”

So. My kids are pretty awesome. Cute. Talented. Charming. Over the last number of years our family has found ourselves cozily tucked into a wonderful community called: CHILDREN’S THEATRE. In fact, when my middle daughter first entered the local children’s theatre group… I made a video. It’s terrible. It is one of my first vlogs […]