Get Holiday Happy with Method! (and 6 ways to spread holiday cheer!) #methodholidayhappy

Let’s just lay it out there. I LIKE CUTE THINGS. Babies Baby unicorns BABIES DRESSED AS UNICORNS! Kitty cats Coffee mug sweaters CRAFTS And… Method “Method is a cute thing?”, you ask? YES. I’d say method even wins over baby unicorns….   Method’s holiday line is out!!! It is not lacking the the usual method […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: What Method is Doing With Ocean Plastics

Reduce, reuse, recycle… the people at Method are doing something about ocean plastics. As you know (I assume you know, you know?), there is plastic in the ocean. The ocean wasn’t born with plastic in it. We did that. PEOPLE. But you know… the hand soap people… The dryer sheet ditching people. The CLEAN HAPPY […]

Ditch the Dryer Sheet! Meet the Glorious Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener

I first learned about Method’s spray fabric softener back in March. So, I have been really good at keeping a very big secret. Of all the products I got to preview when I visited Method’s HQ in March, THIS was the product I was MOST excited about. The concept is so simple. Sensible. And easy. […]

Orla Kiely Meets Method!

Why. WHY OH WHY does cleaning have such a STERILE reputation. Nevermind. Let’s just say that most soap dispensers are not attractive. Just… bottles filled with colored soaps that smell… uh… soapy. Oh but wait! You totally just went all, “Oooh! Ahhh!” Didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?! Just because something exists for the purpose of cleaning, doesn’t […]

Dudes. Give your nose a HUG! #cleanhappy with Method!

How does one hug ones’ own nose? Well, if one is literal in one’s interpretation, then one might find such a thing a bit difficult. Unless… You are Method co-founder Eric Ryan and happen to have a large nose hanging around the office in which you can hug… (photo cred: ME!) But if you do […]

WASH YOUR HANDS and High Five A Rainbow!

We all know it is important to wash one’s hands. But do we think about how “clean” the handwash we are using is? DO WE? I really hadn’t, until I visited the land of Method. Literally… I met the warm, kind, FUNNY, balloon-bearing and clean, happy hands of the people behind the Method brand. Remember? […]

In Which Cleaning = HAPPY. I’M SERIOUS.

So. For quite some time I had been dating… casually… select items from a cleaning product line. Maybe you’ve heard of METHOD? I have recently had the opportunity to take my relationship with Method to the next level… not unlike the coveted hometown visit on The Bachelor. Except there were no awkward interrogations conversations with […]