Back in the early 80’s… when everything was closed on Thanksgiving.

All kinds of people are having all kinds of opinions about deal shopping on Thanksgiving. One day as I was reading all the opinion I said to myself, “Self. What’s your opinion?” As soon as I engaged me on the topic I had a flashback to a Thanksgiving memory of years past. You know… Back […]

Planking + Mud = Family Pictures

FAMILY PICTURES  – WOO!!! Our brilliant photographer (and good friend Mark Gsellman – Photomatopoeia) captured some fun moments one partly-cloudy afternoon a couple weeks back. I thought I’d share just a few here. Because I can’t help it. We may or may not be into technology and/or mobile devices… That’s our apple tree – isn’t […]

Pixorial – Hope for Memories Past

I got a package in the mail last week. To most, it would seem like an empty-ish package. It was a packed with a few mailers tucked away inside. A package of packages, of sorts… The package was from Pixorial… a package for me to send “old-school” video to them so they can work their […]

Flashback to 2005…

If you know me, you know I love to dance. If you DON’T know me, then know this – I LOVE TO DANCE. See? LOVE. So. Naturally. My spawn, has a particular knack for dancing as well. The following video was pulled from the archives. I was motivated by conversation over here to dig it […]