You may or may not know that one of the things I do for work is read blogs. For realsies. But not any blog I choose… assigned blogs, if you will… Several hundred a week, in fact. Give or take a few dozen. Aaaaanywho. My point… My title just made me want to take me […]

Favorite Things Friday: Here, There and Everywhere!

It’s been a bit busy lately… I recently had someone ask, “So. What’re you up to today?” My mind raced… “Do I say I have 2 posts due, a class to prepare to teach, a video to finish editing… or just mention I’ll be helping out in one of the kids’ classrooms…” I tend to […]

Blog Frog Launches Memories in Motion!

Ya’ll know I have a thing for video. No? Here’s proof — my own YouTube channel. So, clearly, when someone says “VIDEO!” I say, “How high?!” Wait. What I am trying to say is… I am one of nine community leaders at Blog Frog’s Memories in Motion Community! I am excited to join forces with […]