School would be better if…

It had more meth. She meant MATH. This was Lucy’s homework from a few nights ago. This is funny for TWO (2) reasons: Lucy has never HAD meth. Lucy is not the best at math. But don’t tell her that. She thinks she is and SHE WINS FOR LOVING MATH. I wonder where she inherited […]

Her Favorite Thing: Working with my mom!

There will come a day when none of my kids will say my presence was a highlight of their experience. It’s true people. Unbelievable, but true. Take for example, when my son turns 16. I bet when he turns 16 and he is asked what the best part of his birthday was… he won’t say, […]

Nail Polish, Hand Soap and Subtraction: Just Another Friday [Video]

It all started innocently enough… I stood at my bathroom counter and faced a question… get one hand fully nail polished, or half-way complete two hands. And I wondered, what would my people do? And then I thought – I’ll make a video! But first I need to refill my hand soap… and this is […]