Marriage: 18 Years Ago…

I don’t even know how to begin. I’m kinda freakin’ out. December 10, 2012 = 18 years of marriage. CRAZY. PANTS. You wanna see our engagement picture? BABIES! Also, I had a perm. And bangs! ACK! Oh 1994, you slay me. The last 18 years have been filled with surprises. Joys. Defeats. Elation. Devastation. Laughter. […]

Road Trip: A Drive Along the Las Vegas Strip

I’m gonna be honest here… I am not a fan of Vegas. (Confession: I had to Google DJ Pauly D. This could either mean I am culturally irrelevant or SMART.) (Unrelated: Were I a DJ, I would choose the name DJ Sparkle Jenny Z. LMNOP.) We don’t gamble. We I tend to spend my hard-earned […]

In which my name appears in lights… I mean Redbook.

In the March issue of Redbook magazine, page 22… you will see a familiar name beneath about 250 words on marriage. I’ll give you 2 guesses as to WHO it might be… *drums fingers* *avoids eye contact* If you didn’t guess ME on your first guess, then I understand why you are not a detective. […]

Mr. Spot and Me

My husband and I “celebrated” our 17th anniversary this weekend. But the kids are in the thick of play production right now, so we have and are spending most of the weekend at the auditorium. Saturday night (THE day) we came home and celebrated with wine and cheese(sticks) after the kids went to bed after […]

iVoices Speak Out: The Royal Wedding

England’s Royal Wedding is this Friday… Which means there will be a cute new royal couple skipping about the royal castle! Always being on top of current events, the iViilage iVoices team saw an opportunity. An opportunity for dispensing WISDOM. Of course they asked me to be a wisdom dispenser. What? I have opinions and […]

Marriage. It ain't easy.

It takes a lot of work… the whole “marriage” thing. Before one gets married, one hears a lot about the effort it takes. The compromises. The SACRIFICE. For the love… on the behalf… for the bettering and benefit… of another. 16+ years ago I knew there would be moments. But I was never prepared… not […]