Make-up or NO Make-up and at What Age?

“Mom? When can I wear make-up?” asked my 11 year-old daughter as we drove about. I was surprised at how unsure I was. I was surprised that I was thinking 7th grade would be OK… because I was in 9th when I was allowed to. Then I started thinking maybe 9th grade, but I remember […]

Tutorial: Children’s Make Up for Stage – Children’s Theatre #video

It’s a handy-dandy tutorial on how one can apply make-up in children for stage performances! CAN YOU IMAGINE PUTTING EYELINER AND MASCARA ON A 4 YEAR OLD? OR… A 9 YEAR OLD BOY?! My kids have been involved in the local children’s musical theatre since Spring 2009. Which means, my youngest was 4 when she […]

Light Up Lip Gloss and a REALLY. Big. Scarf. (VLOG!)

2 things. Light up lip gloss and… BIG SCARF. BOOM. ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via¬†email or in your blog reader.