A lesson in learning to be fearless… Inspired by my daughter.

Nothing new here today… I poured my heart out over there at the Huffington Post. On the day it went up, if you clicked on the Healthy Living tab, then selected Becoming Fearless… this is what came up: Thats my article on how my daughter is teaching my the art of becoming fearless (that is […]

I am not a bad mom. I am not a bad mom. I am not a bad mom…

Sometimes, despite Mom’s best effort… Like, say… applying sunscreen with an SPF of 70 three times. Every-other-hour. THREE TIMES over the course of 6 hours… One’s sweet, pale-faced little girl still gets sunburned. My poor fair-skinned, Pacific NorthWET baby. Three applications of SPF 70 sunscreen is no match for 6 hours in the sun while water […]

Look of the Week: Uh-Oh

We have had yet another one of *those* weeks. The kind-of week where there is not any ONE particular *thing*, but a series of things that just make life feel a little like it’s got the upper hand. If you are wondering why my sweet daughter’s face has make-up on it, it is because she […]

Bye Bye Birdie: A Memorial

What do you get when you combine one dead bird, a pot holder, a rock, a Nerf gun bullet, a plastic star embellishment from a bike, and 3 seven-year-old girls??? A very touching memorial. With a memorial song. And we have video. Soon, my friends… SOON. And yes, the girls washed their hands. ******** Never […]

Her two left feet… I mean SHOES.

Literally. Ish. Actually… Two left SHOES. Before I became a mom I assumed I’d hit lows. I just had no idea that a day would come where my husband would call up the stairs and say, Hey Jenny? These shoes you want Lucy to wear… they’re both left feet. In which case I find myself […]

So that no one can see the laces.

Did I tell you that Lucy learned how to tie her shoes this summer? Have I ever told you that Lucy marches to the beat of her very own especially sparkly drum? She does. Recently she bounced my way and emoted, “MOM!!! I tied my shoes so no one can see my laces!” I wish […]

Nail Polish, Hand Soap and Subtraction: Just Another Friday [Video]

It all started innocently enough… I stood at my bathroom counter and faced a question… get one hand fully nail polished, or half-way complete two hands. And I wondered, what would my people do? And then I thought – I’ll make a video! But first I need to refill my hand soap… and this is […]

A Chocolate MilkSHAKE – Literally

That kid? I love here… chocolate milkSHAKING and all… ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS giveaways – get new giveaway updates via email by clicking here! Follow: Twitter, Become a Facebook Fan keep-up via Networked Blogs!

My Girl

From this… to this… My. Girl. 6 years old. I am dumbfounded. My baby is 6. No more preschool. No more diaper bags. No more teething toys… But you are still waiting for that first tooth to fall out. You are SO full of life. So creative. So driven. So carefree… yet opinionated. “Lucy” means […]

Like shooting stars going to their syrup castle…

I made heart waffles for the kids for their Valentine morning breakfast. I realized, too late, that we were uncomfortably low on syrup. In an effort to make it stretch… I let the kids dip their waffle hearts into little bowls of syrup. And use their fingers. Uh-huh, “fun mom” here. My Lucy… my little […]