It’s Valentine’s Day

I just wrote a blathering post about my mixed emotions about Valentine’s Day. I…. Honestly…. It’s a… I have mixed emotion/opinion about Valentine’s Day. So. That’s all I have to say. Ish. I did make bacon and heart waffles for breakfast. Nothing says love like bacon. IT’S A SCIENTIFIC FACT. I bet it is a […]

Ditch the Dryer Sheet! Meet the Glorious Method Dryer-Activated Fabric Softener

I first learned about Method’s spray fabric softener back in March. So, I have been really good at keeping a very big secret. Of all the products I got to preview when I visited Method’s HQ in March, THIS was the product I was MOST excited about. The concept is so simple. Sensible. And easy. […]

That girl.

My girl. Sweet. Compassionate. Maternal. Kind. My girl. I honestly have no idea where 9 years have gone. Plopped right between your older brother and younger sister, you have carved yourself a solid place in our crazy family. You have that laugh… the laugh everyone tells me is simply the best they have ever heard. […]

I love them differently.

This picture: My girl. My littlest. My sidekick. Stinker. Manipulator. Lover. A light. I love ALL my kids. To the fullest. I (like many) recently read a post by a mom who said she doesn’t love her one child as much as she loves her other. Or something of the sort. I don’t agree. I […]

Happy Birthday to He.

  My Man. I love you. I love We. MY blessing. MY fullness. Without YOU… There would be no WE. And that is not happy. This is my wordy way of saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY… I am glad you were born. Like, a lot. So are the kids. You can see it in their sweet […]

My Girl

From this… to this… My. Girl. 6 years old. I am dumbfounded. My baby is 6. No more preschool. No more diaper bags. No more teething toys… But you are still waiting for that first tooth to fall out. You are SO full of life. So creative. So driven. So carefree… yet opinionated. “Lucy” means […]

Love Drop: The Smallest Deed is Better…

…than the grandest intention. I love this quote. Probably because I am a grand-intender by nature. But when I fall short (or FAIL) of accomplishing what I intend… long story short… discouragement bamboozles me, and I do nothing. Nada. Not the big… and not the small. Bamboozled. That blesses no one. Not others. Not me… […]

Joy Unexpected: The Chore Chart

Chores. The biggest not-fun word of all. For years I have wanted to make the uber-awesome-crafty-yet-practical-and-oh-so-creative chore chart for me my children. The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention. Hitherhencetofore… no chore chart. So. The week before I headed to Blissdom… I. Had. HAD. It. Like I had never had it before. Despite […]

Can I Snuggle You?

My youngest. Oh how she loves to snuggle. LOVES. Passion of her heart. When Lucy starts to spiral… when her behavior takes a turn for the worse… when she gets weepy or defiant or when stress rises across the whole family… I have to remind myself, “My girl needs to connect. She needs to be […]

Little Treasures

I was digging through my wallet. And a surprise little treasure fell into my lap. In the “mommy business”, this is what might be referred to as a “paycheck”. A surprise little treasure from my youngest. She LOVES bringing me bouquets of dandelions. The weeds flowers do not last, but the love behind the gift […]