My daughter’s toe is like a lizards tail, and other observations of a 7 year old girl.

Lucy took a good chunk out of her toe recently… a result of traipsing about the backyard with no shoes. Which is actually, the norm. The no shoes,┬ánot the “chunk out of her toe”… She cut the under part of her toe on a sharp rock. I ended up taking her to the doctor, not […]

Our Daughters: I Wonder Where They Get It From

Mothers. Daughters. They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree… LIES. ALL LIES. These girls are NOTHING like their mothers. I honestly don’t know where those girls get it from. The silliness. The “hamming-up”. The smiling. AND THE HAPPY. What is it about little girls and friends??? I stand corrected. It’s true. ALL […]

So that no one can see the laces.

Did I tell you that Lucy learned how to tie her shoes this summer? Have I ever told you that Lucy marches to the beat of her very own especially sparkly drum? She does. Recently she bounced my way and emoted, “MOM!!! I tied my shoes so no one can see my laces!” I wish […]