Green Mountain Coffee, Keurig and How to Brew A Better Day

Thank you to Green Mountain Coffee for sponsoring this article. Click here to visit Green Mountain Coffee to learn how you can “brew a better day.” Green Mountain Coffee, Keuring and How to Brew A Better Day It’s no secret. I’m a coffee fan. I think the word “fan” is even a conservative way to […]

List Making / Making Lists / To-Do Lists: The ME Column

I posted this picture on my Instagram account and Facebook page today. While there are plenty of times I know what I’m going to write about… there are equally as plenty times I sit before my computer… with coffee perched dangerously close to my laptop… and an empty brain.   Like this morning. However, as […]

Free Association Post: It’s like therapy, sans therapist

I find that when I am stressed (now)… making lists can be very helpful. But you know me (do you know me?)… I work a lil’ bit different that many. My lists don’t always consist of my to-dos nor my dreams… nor of the people I want to flick on the forehead… Well maybe the […]