Puppies, martinis with bunny ears, the Hard Rock Cafe, and my campers return

It hasn’t even been a week since I returned from Chicago and the BlogHer conference. I still haven’t finished the post I started writing about leaning in with with Sheryl Sandberg. Nor the post I have started about all the friends I saw while in Chicago. Instead, I’ve been trying to keep this girl entertained while […]

Life. It’s about ALL the things.

When a person writes about their life, a person sometimes feels one must share the writable moments. The impressive or dramatic… the fabulous or terrific. Apparently… the origin (Latin) of the word terrific actually means… terrificus frightening, equivalent to terr ( ?re ) to frighten. Source. CrazyZHAY… right? There are other crazy-commonly used words that […]

Regular ol’ life…

The problem with Facebook is after a few minutes of scanning one’s feed, one can end up feeling like one’s life might be a little bit boring. Mundane. Bland. Because really, the most-parts of life are just that… LIFE. No tropical vacation. No red carpet. Just life. LIFE. Regular, old life. Including, but not limited […]


My little girl is in dream land… I remember those days. When I was a little girl… I had dreams too. Ice cream and roller skates. The twirliest of skirts and far-away lands. When puberty hit…