I AM the internet.

I work from “home”. “Home” being used loosely: a coffee shop, my car, the kids’ theater rehearsal building, in parking lots, on the ferry… waiting in the pick-up loop at school… My laptop goes with me almost everywhere. One never knows when there will be a chance to wrap-up a post, delete an email or […]

What To Wear: Tech Toys Need Accessorizing Too!

I recently secured an iPad. I am the proud owner of an iPhone (iPrecious, name cred to Kearsie). I also have my own iLaptop. *iahem* *iFamily* *icough* Just as I appreciate a delightful necklace… scarf upon scarf upon scarf… or a spritz of glitter spray… I have fast-become a fan of the notion that my […]

Oh Snap. Wednesday was Yesterday.

I sat down. I remained sitting. With my laptop. Onmylap. Duh. And started on a “Wordless Wednesday” to post for tomorrow. But tomorrow is Thursday, which will be today if you are reading this on Thursday… If you do not read this on Thursday, then you are perhaps reading this on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, […]