Tech and Travel Tips, Kindle Fire HD Kids Edition, AT&T Mobile Hot Spot, and the Thinium

A couple of weeks ago I attended the  2014 Holiday Tech and Travel Show in Seatte hosted by Techlicious & TravelingMom. Between sips of champagne and bites of prosciutto wrapped prawns and chocolate peppermint mousse sprinkled with edible gold (I. KNOW!)… The attendees were given LOADS of great ideas related to travel, tech, and how […]

Sleepover Summer Camp, yo.

TWO of my THREE spawn have flown the coop. They packed their bags… filled with sunscreen, underwear (it’s there, I checked), a bath towel, a beach towel, at least 4 pairs of shorts, t-shirts, 2 sweat shirts, and so on and so forth… But I forgot to pack a flashlight for this girl. HOWEVER, I […]

She loves me… even more than GUS.

It’s true. I’ve been gone quite a bit over the last month, so a whole lot of missing is going on. One morning recently, I grabbed Lucy and gave her a BIG, long hug. Mid-embrace Lucy told me, “I Love you, mommy… more than the DOGS.” I pulled back, looked in her eyes and told […]

Take It On Tuesday: The Kids Got Their Flu Shots

I know, I know. The topic of immunizations can be a pretty touchy subject. I am not here to evangelize the flu shot cause. Nope. Do whatcha gotta do, families. Rather, I am here, along with my children,  for those who decide shots are the right choice for them… to give hope to the fearful. […]

Take It On Tuesday: Why I Couldn’t

I’m gonna be honest with you. Yesterday was a hard day. Then I took it out on my kids. I’m tired. I’m stretched thin. Me aaaaand the bank account. I’m the adult. I should be the one to roll with the punches. I should be the one to set a gentle example to my children […]

And Then It Happens: Shopping Without Kids

When my third child was born, the other two were 2 and 5… close to 6, BUT STILL 5. I remember the first time I took them al to the store (Target)… BY MYSELF. I remember feeling so capable and competent as I carried my newborn in her carseat in the cradle of my arm… […]

We ate some of the meat and it didn’t make us sick, so…

While I was in NYC, one of the kids left the big freezer open. Now read the title. So, that. Apparently one of the children left the freezer door open long enough for things to defrost. The freezer for the big stuff – Costco-sized meat… Tubs of ice cream (is there any other way???)… But […]

The FaciliTREES & Camping

So. Earlier this month I had the distinct pleasure of joining my daughter and her classmates at outdoor camp. And this is my story… *Insert Law and Order donk-donk sound here*. It. Was. HORRIBLE. Simply. HORRIBLE. All that being in nature. A lake. Trees. A waterfall… Dangerous trail after dangerous trail… Canoeing…. SUCH torture, right???! […]

Caught on Video: 3 moms sound-off on children and sleepovers

This is almost a post script to my original post about sleepovers. My post was also featured on BlogHer not too long ago. And whoa. There are some strong opinions on this. WHOA. As there should be. We are talking about the best interest of children… In this video Liz Henry and Amanda Rodriguez, and I discuss […]

This is only half of the peanut M&Ms I had hidden in my pocket.

I walked to the park with the kids Sunday afternoon. Something about the cousins bouncing off the walls and waiting for a birthday party to start… I had to take supplies. RIGHT? Actually, this was only a third of what was in my pocket. At one point I hugged my daughter and she said I […]