We’re saving trees!!! (A.K.A. Pasta stir sticks)

A local coffee house provides a green-alternative to those tiny black (and sometimes red) stirring straws… pasta noodles (linguini?)! Recently, I took my children and a couple of their friends to the coffee shop with the pasta stir sticks. The kids started grabbing almost-handfuls full. Of course they did. I chided, “Kids. Stop. You’re wasting!” […]

Overheard: Surviving the Substitute

There is a certain substitute at my kids’ school that… shall we say… has not found favor in the eyes of my children. {photo cred} On the way home from school today the oldest (11) said, “I don’t think I’ll survive if I have Ms. So-and-So again.” His 8 year old sister offered him comfort, […]