Should We Stay or Should We Go: Pets and Holiday Travel

As much as our pets are our family, it is sometimes just impossible or at least very difficult to take our pets with us when we head out for the holidays. Pets and holiday travel, y’all. The question of “What do we do with the dog(s)?” has always been an issue for us. With a […]

Take It On Tuesday: In Which KEVIN Takes OVER.

It’s time for Take It On Tuesday, folks!!! But my tutorial on making embroidery hoop art (what?!) went sideways because of Kevin. OUR DOG. He has stolen the show before. Like that one time when he pulled Lucy’s tooth. Or the time he attacked me while cleaning my junk drawer. Or that one time he […]

Look of the Week: Uh-Oh

We have had yet another one of *those* weeks. The kind-of week where there is not any ONE particular *thing*, but a series of things that just make life feel a little like it’s got the upper hand. If you are wondering why my sweet daughter’s face has make-up on it, it is because she […]


Literally and whathaveyou… Happy Sunday and enjoy your people today… and coffee. Or tea. Peace and sparkles, Me P.S. Kevin says “Hi Woof!” ******** Get Jenny On the Spot’s newest posts in email or in your blog reader. Keep up on JOtS giveaways – get new giveaway updates via email by clicking here! Follow: Twitter, […]