My Beauty Regimen: They don’t call it a regimen for nothin’!

They don’t call it a beauty REGIMEN for nothing. I must admit, the process of aging staying young takes a lot bit of effort. Diligence. Dedication. Perseverance. ::raises fist to sky:: Just as the seasons change, so does my regimen. During the warmer months I put more focus on: My feet (read: pedicures, ladies!) I […]

Tanning Mishap? Oooooh Yeah, I’ve Been There…

I didn’t clear the 80’s until I turned 18. Read: I KNOW ALL ABOUT TANNING MISHAPS. Fortunately, my mishaps (yes, PLURAL… because I am a slow learner and perhaps even have a leeeteele touch of optimism in this worldly-wise heart) never quite matched the mishap of THAT ONE GIRL. Ladies, we either KNOW her or […]