In which I take children to the carwash and the liquor store. But the liquor store gives stickers.

May I begin with an off-topic digression? I never know if I should capitalize my post titles. It’s kinda not something I do well, so I kind-of just don’t. I kinda feel like if I do, I am caving to “the man”. Not that I even know who “the man” is. I supposed “the man” […]

I’m in a list-y kind-of mood.

But I am also feeling as scattered as a thing that is very scattered, so I don’t have a theme. So, as are most of my lists… And really it is not so much a list as it is numbered ramblings. I have writer’s block. I have TIME BLOCK. I have 101 + 1000 things […]

What to expect after a gum graft.

What can I say? I am here to shake things up… with all this talk of gum grafting and whathaveyou… This video was taken the day after my gum graft. I think I look not so bad for having undergone such mouthal trauma. I am at day 5 in the recovery process and at 3:30 […]

The Junk Drawer Haul

I have noticed that “the haul” is quite popular over there on the YouTube. And me, never being one to pass-up a chance to make a fool of myself also be popular, I have made a haul video of my own. The only diff’ between me and those other girls is I could be their […]