“Good morning Starshine, the Earth says HELLO!”

Quote from Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka… That is one of my mostliest favorite quotes EVER. EV.ER. Today’s title relates to this post for one word and one word only, “HELLO”. I just made a new video for my new HELLO! page. (WARNING… JOtS OVERLOAD AHEAD…) My hand-dandy husband/tech-support/in-house designer just made me new biz […]

In which I take children to the carwash and the liquor store. But the liquor store gives stickers.

May I begin with an off-topic digression? I never know if I should capitalize my post titles. It’s kinda not something I do well, so I kind-of just don’t. I kinda feel like if I do, I am caving to “the man”. Not that I even know who “the man” is. I supposed “the man” […]

I’m in a list-y kind-of mood.

But I am also feeling as scattered as a thing that is very scattered, so I don’t have a theme. So, as are most of my lists… And really it is not so much a list as it is numbered ramblings. I have writer’s block. I have TIME BLOCK. I have 101 + 1000 things […]

What to expect after a gum graft.

What can I say? I am here to shake things up… with all this talk of gum grafting and whathaveyou… This video was taken the day after my gum graft. I think I look not so bad for having undergone such mouthal trauma. I am at day 5 in the recovery process and at 3:30 […]