KickstartED! Success!

I am SO pleased. No, I didn’t lose 12 pounds. I lost 9. And gained a wardrobe. Because friends, I was at a crossroads… lose a few (or many) or buy a size up. I had tried for a few months to lose, say 5… with no success. In fact, I managed to put on […]

iVoices Speak Out: The Royal Wedding

England’s Royal Wedding is this Friday… Which means there will be a cute new royal couple skipping about the royal castle! Always being on top of current events, the iViilage iVoices team saw an opportunity. An opportunity for dispensing WISDOM. Of course they asked me to be a wisdom dispenser. What? I have opinions and […]

Thoughts… (of friends & my own) about the Married Sex on iVillage

iVoices sent a list of topics we would be covering over the next few months. I perused the list. My eyes saw “Married Sex”. I giggled. I thought who’s the fool who they gave THAT one. I scrolled to the next line… *blink blink blink* I have some great friends, who share some great thoughts… […]

Have you had "The Talk" with your kids?

About money. My kids are 5, 8 and 11. My older two are at an age where money is becoming a daily part of our family conversations. Even with the 5 year old. Though she wants little plastic ponies… the other 2 want phones and such. But it’s not about HOW MUCH things cost… it’s […]

Kids and Social Networks

Do you have thoughts on this topic? I do. I wrote about it here not long ago, and today my video piece is live at iVillage! [Click here or on image below to view] If you have a few minutes, please check it out. I was privileged to have several willing victims friends share their […]

The Video Application That Finally Worked!

SO. I have thrown my name into the virtual hat more than a couple of times. Currently – I am bidding for the title of the Balancing Act’s Top Blogger (stop snickering…). If you need to get your voting finger warmed up for the coming elections – I am happy to help you with your […]

In Which I Prove That Coffee Is Sexy

Justin Timberlake ain’t never brought sexy back like this. Now this is HOT. Just sayin’. *RAWR* In other news… MAYBE someone you know is one of the new iVoices on iVillage. *ahem* I am SO excited to join a team of 14 other women on a project that I am passionate about… Stories are everywhere […]