It’s the little things.

It is. It’s the little things. MOST of the stuff of life are the quick moments. You almost miss them. These are a few of the little things for me lately. I like to think of these pictures as the moments when I pressed pause… Squeezing the kids in for a picture under the Christmas […]

On Instagram: Itsy Bitsy Spider is Neither Itsy NOR Bitsy

Fall approacheth. This means SPIDERS. I shared this picture on Instagram recently. It did not get a lot of “likes”… BECAUSE THIS IS NOT LIKEABLE! Also, I can’t look at this picture without gagging. I just… ICK! I think I want to start featuring my favorite Instagram “conversations”. They say a picture is worth a […]

A Photo Story. Ish. A.K.A. I don’t know what else to do with all these pictures!

I don’t know about you, but… ever since the invention of the CAMERA PHONE…. I do haz a lotz of picturez. And then there’s Instagram, which makes you feel like there is even MORE of a reason to take pictures of things like… YOUR FOOD, etc and whathaveyou. I was going to do a little […]

Spotted: Somewhere between Albuquerque and Dallas

I just really like this picture. I took it from my window seat when I was flying to DFW on Southwest Airlines… On my iPhone, and filtered it through Instagram. I have no idea what filter. Wanna know something that no one knows about me? I have a bit of a fear of flying… But […]

More pictures than words, feat. Instagram

I’m kidding. You know me better than that! But here are a bunch of pictures because, well… that’s what I got. *Note: these are all Instagram pics *Note: Instagram is the new Twitter. My reflection in my car window on a windy day. Took this while filling up at a gas station. Some guy thought […]

Photo Apps are Like Crack

Like Crack Cocaine, ya’lls. I suppose now I’ll start getting search traffic for “cocaine”. Oh well. I have been referred to for MUCH worse, so… Photo apps for one’s phone (iPhone) are like crack, except I don’t imagine my addiction to photo apps will leave me homeless, toothless and diseased… butidigress… However, not unlike a […]