Ignite at Evo – Ignite Your Inner Sparkle.

Oh people. It’s up. *that’s what she said* I went to the Evo Conference last weekend and… LOOK… they let me be on a stage with a MICROPHONE! [photo cred: Justin Hackworth *insert bowing here*] And why did I have a mic? On account of the fact of… I don’t know. They asked, I said […]

How To Be An Internet Movie Phenom… WithOUT Taking Your Clothes Off

I’m not saying that I’m an internet movie phenom. [photo credit: Maya of Memtales] Have you seen my practically VIRAL Swine Flu Mask video? How about my own dance video? Or how about my in-depth look at sandwich crusts? Tell me those are not of the internet movie phenomeniscuoiusness. I’m kidding. My friend Giyen, ya […]

In Which I Ask Myself, "The Heck?!"

I’m sure you know exactly what I am talking about. One day you are in New York. Just enjoying the sights on Broadway… at 7 in the morning, in a tutu… Ya know… just a simple girl doing simple, normal, everyday things… See? Normal. Totes. And before you know it, daytime turns to darktime. Strange, […]