Wordless Wednesday: Last Sign of Summer

It’s the first day of school here. Today, the pictures will be of children with backpacks and bright yellow buses. So long, summer… My friend, you will be missed… ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, […]

The Confessional – I Confess… Stuffs

1) I am addicted to the Hipstamatic App on my beloved iPrecious II. 2) I put ketchup on my fried eggs. 3) But not my scrambled eggs. 4) Cuz that’s grody. 5) I lost the first round of the big all-school spelling be(e) in 5th grade. The word? Kitchen. I forgot the “t”. I knew […]