I Have Another Obsession: 2048

I do. Ish. I mean… it’s not REALLY an obsession. It’s more of something that distracts me from to-do lists. And whathaveyou. Of course they say that admitting something is the first step in overcoming something and maybe I am not quite ready to overcome. Before I tell you what I may or may not […]

The Activision Family Game Summit & Activision Goodie Bag Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Activision Family Game Summit! Read: there may or may not be a game and toy goodie bag giveaway (approx. $400 value!) at the end of this post. So don’t change that channel… I mean, URL! At the Activision Family Game Summit, experts in the field […]

Moshi Monsters and Squinkies for Nintendo DS Giveaway!

*Contest closed and winner announcement at end of post* I went to the Seattle Activision Games for Girls Summit in early November, and left with a sweet bag-o-games and corresponding toys!!! I will confess, I am hanging onto a couple things to give to Lucy for Christmas and her birthday (Shhhhh! Nobody tell her… I don’t […]

Gaming and Girls… It’s O.K… For reals. [Sponsored]

In a world that is seemingly dominated by “the gamer”… we often associate video games and gaming to men and boys. And basements. But gaming isn’t just for basements and boys. Our girls can dominate the screen time as well. Are you shifting in your seat? Screen time??? Screen time is bad! Well… Let’s not […]