Hershey’s Track and Field Games: Find a local one near you! (AND a giveaway – CHOCOLATE!)

Update! Contest is now closed… we have a winner – Andrea for her comment: The capture the birthday hat is a neat idea. I can see the chaos and movement now! I’ll be saving that way for my daughter’s upcoming 6th birthday party. Congrats Andrea!!! Friends. May I call you Friend? GOOD. So glad we are […]

Moshi Monsters and Squinkies for Nintendo DS Giveaway!

*Contest closed and winner announcement at end of post* I went to the Seattle Activision Games for Girls Summit in early November, and left with a sweet bag-o-games and corresponding toys!!! I will confess, I am hanging onto a couple things to give to Lucy for Christmas and her birthday (Shhhhh! Nobody tell her… I don’t […]