Make Me Laugh Monday: Lucy Draws and One Easy Piece

OK, friends. THIS makes ME laugh. i o lucy lol Lucy is an emergent speller. She has no idea what she wrote (other than her name), but she writes… hoping to someday spell something other than her name. “Is that a word, Mom? Is THAT a word…” I LOVE watching this process. Besides, she wrote […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: The Reporter

I wasn’t planning on posting a MMLM post… simply because I already posted today. And I have laundry to do. Coffee to consume. I’m supposed to WORKING. Sheesh. But sometimes. I came across this video today. I laughed SO hard. And I just have to share it. Have to. I love to laugh, and I […]

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Oh friends. The purest and most wonderful of funny ahead. This is something you can share with all … “My name is Marcel and I’m partially a shell… and I also have shoes and a face, so… I like that about myself…” I like that about you too, Marcel. MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON […]

Make We Laugh Monday – Kids' Choice

Usually, Make We Laugh Monday is content driven by my own funny bone. For example, I saw this product at the grocery store, and… and… Well, imagine my laughter when I saw that Jay’s bar had no junk… Poor Jay. How is that even possible? Aaaaanywho. I love my kids. And there are points in […]