Free Association Post: It’s like therapy, sans therapist

I find that when I am stressed (now)… making lists can be very helpful. But you know me (do you know me?)… I work a lil’ bit different that many. My lists don’t always consist of my to-dos nor my dreams… nor of the people I want to flick on the forehead… Well maybe the […]

Free Association: I Have A Fever

And I am afraid no cowbell will cure it. A good night’s sleep might help. And a clear calendar. “Wrap” and “warp”… 2 VERY different words. But share ALL the same letters. I have never been so exhausted in all my life. I probably have, but you know how it goes… #drama Lucy (5) said […]

The Confessional: IN a Spot

It’s a little funny. Me + Here = Jenny On the Spot It’s cute. So clever… *insert credit to the huz here* But, but… Am I really ON the spot? Nay. I told someone the other day, “Ya know… I’m actually kind-of like a stew… I’m better the next day.”