If pulling into a parking stall counts, then… I totally went to the gym yesterday.

Somedays seem like Mondays even though they are Thursdays. At one point yesterday I saw the direction the day/my attitude was headed and I took Thursday by the collar and was all, “YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME, THURSDAY. YOU ARE THE BULL AND I BELIEVE I HAVE YOU BY THE HORNS, THERE BUDDY.” […]

A Quick Note About Forgetfulness and Hiding/Finding the Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is just a quick little note about forgetfulness. MINE, specifically. I just think it’s funny. Not funny in a ::HAHAHA:: sort of way, but funny in a ::tilts head:: sort of way. WHY DO I FORGET THE NAME OF THE PERSON I WAS INTRODUCED TO SECONDS EARLIER, HOWEVER…. I DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE […]

My brain… send help.

I got this text from my friend, Trish recently… I remember before the party I couldn’t find my keys. Normal. They always turn up. Why yes… yes they do. Even sometimes IN the birthday presents our children give at parties. Then there was this one timeĀ I almost missed a flight. Which is not abnormal. People […]