Walk Out Wednesdays with Omron’s Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker

“These shoes were made for walkin’…” That’s how the song goes, right? I’ve been using Omron’s Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker the past month or so, and not just because of their Walk Out Wednesdays campaign. But that helps. A little extra push is a big push somedays. It allows you to transfer your fitness data […]

Omron Alvita Wireless Activity Tracker: Walk Out on Wednesdays!

Or walk out everyday! I find when I use a step tracker/activity tracker I find reasons to walk more. I am a very competitive girl, especially with myself…. so this idea of tracking my steps is quite the motivator. I find if I feel I am low on my step progress¬†I will choose to park […]

Last-Minute Holiday Fitness Gift Ideas

Howdy friends! 5 days until Christmas! I recently got to share about some last-minute Christmas gift-giving ideas on KOMO 4 News… one fine December afternoon. (Go Seattle!) If you saw the broadcast, you know I promised to share links and information… Perchance you are here to find that promised information? If you did NOT see […]

I Am Going to Run 400 Miles This Year.

I am. I am going to run 400 miles this year.¬† 400 to “celebrate” the onset of my 4th decade of life, shall we say… Unless…. I break my legs. I digress. Speaking of digressing, HAVE YOU SEEN MY NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL? Well, my channel isn’t new, but the design is. I am tickled to […]

The HERSHEY’S Track and Field Games in Seattle!

GO PLAY OUTSIDE! How often do we tell that to our kids, especially now as the days grow warm and long? ALL. DAY. Right? I am seeing many initiatives and programs encouraging families and kids to get active. To BE active. And to take advantage of the warmer weather. My family just completed a fun […]

Have you heard about CoolSculpting? (GIVEAWAY!)

*This is a sponsored post* I first heard about CoolSculpting several months ago when a friend went under the… the… non-invasive applicator, if you will. Her results were impressive. I stood there admiring her impressive transformation and listened to her story of success. I also tried not to turn too green. With envy. You see, […]

A 6-Week Kick Start Challenge in The 2012!!!

Alrighty friends! I am joining Amanda and Stephanie, my 2 of my lovely co-iVoices in the Kick Start Your Weight Loss Challenge over on iVillage. I am getting my kick-start on! And feeling a wee-bit winded… Wanna commiserate and/or join me? It’s 6 short weeks…. We can do anything for 6 weeks! Alls ya gotta […]

Are You An Aerobics Instructor?

I have no idea. This is not me. Clearly. No pink stripes in the hair. Otherwise. Mirror much? I kid… I don’t kid. Are You An Aerobics Instructor? One day (Wednesday), I ventured to the gym. I am rather committed to the pursuit of fitness… for the next 8 days. It’s important to have a […]