Waves of Melancholy

Melancholy + Jenny = not a match. Right? People expect “peace and sparkles”. Right? What most people don’t know, about me, is my inescapable bent toward being/feeling/seeing the negative. Glass half-empty. Since I was a wee one. The “peace and sparkles” you see here has been a strategy for me to become a positive person. […]

My brain… send help.

I got this text from my friend, Trish recently… I remember before the party I couldn’t find my keys. Normal. They always turn up. Why yes… yes they do. Even sometimes IN the birthday presents our children give at parties. Then there was this one timeĀ I almost missed a flight. Which is not abnormal. People […]

Spotted: Somewhere between Albuquerque and Dallas

I just really like this picture. I took it from my window seat when I was flying to DFW on Southwest Airlines… On my iPhone, and filtered it through Instagram. I have no idea what filter. Wanna know something that no one knows about me? I have a bit of a fear of flying… But […]