Eppa Sangria: Certified Organic Sangria feat. Superfruit plus a Party

Have you ever seen an ice luge… for sangria? I hadn’t until last week. Awesome, right? (Photo credit Lucrecer Braxton) You know what else is awesome? The sangria that went through that ice luge… Eppa Sangria. Not only is it delicious (I adore the white and the red equally, and I am not typically a […]

From Winter Parkas to Spring and Summer Dresses: Is Your Skin Ready?

It’s almost time to head to the basement or attic… NOOOO… not to HIDE, but to pull out that box of spring and summer clothes!   Are you ready to bare your arms? Your legs? Your shoulders?? My skin was summer-ready back in February thanks to Jergens Natural Glow. I had a job that took […]

Why I Will Never be a Fashion Blogger.

In case you missed it, my friend Lisa and I (and a few AWESOME gals who have jumped on the  Awesome Train) are doing the Great Girlfriend Wardrobe Challenge of 2013. You can see Lisa’s and my admission video here. The act of simply not being able to shop is not why I will never […]

Tog + Porter: Get Styled, Get AWESOME

YOU. GUYS. I have stumbled into the Promised Land! Have you ever gone shopping for clothes and felt confused, lonely… OVERHWHELMED… “What is hip and fun? What style is right for me? Is that too young, too old, too trendy, too NOT trendy???” Never fear! Tog + Porter is HERE! I am SO excited to […]

Light Up Lip Gloss and a REALLY. Big. Scarf. (VLOG!)

2 things. Light up lip gloss and… BIG SCARF. BOOM. ******** Never miss a thing! Get JOTS latest adventures via email or in your blog reader.

Dresses are the new black: Hello Shabby Apple! [Sponsored]

In the last year or so, I have added 1 or 2 pairs of jeans to my wardrobe… and probably a dozen dresses. Oh gosh. Maybe more. Why? Because dresses are the new black. (Yes. That’s my dog Kevin. Either my pretty dress had him mesmerized or he wanted to make it on my blog. […]

Missoni at Target (alternately titled: What Hole Have I Been Living Under?)

Missoni at Target. I’m talkin’ about Missoni and Target dresses, even a Target patio set… but Missoni. Missoni shoes… kid shoes, ladies shoes, accessories, bags and purses. Missoni, Missoni, Missoni. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! And I was all, “Miss-who?” I guess it was kinda a big deal. Missoni launch crashes Target Web site, spreads mayhem (source […]

What to Wear: Colored Tights. Definitely.

Everywhere I look.. colored tights, colored tights, colored tights… On the people in the magazinessess, hanging on display racks in the stores… but not necessarily on the legs of the ladays around town all too much. YET. But. They’re coming… to the legs of women in Smalltown America. They. Are. Coming. Mark my words. I […]

Make We Laugh Monday: Handerpants

I went Christmas shopping recently. On account of the fact that Christmas is EMINENT. *insert code blue here* *and also wild, desperate eyes* *No… WILDER* *WIL. DER.* I went into a shop that my accessory-adoring heart has developed deep feelings for. In that shop I find hats and scarves and earrings and funny cards and […]

What to Wear Wednesday!

Let’s talk capelets. You read that right – CAPELETS. Now. I don’t own one, but I think the trend is suggesting a growing capelet population, and I think they are rather charming, in an armless-ish sort of way… Which brings me to a question… what exactly IS a capelet? It depends on Google, and what […]