Family Time: Making Memories & Bowls of Ice Cream!

Do you want to know what my love language is? FOOD. Family Time: Making Memories & Bowls of Ice Cream! The way I show love most naturally is through food. Though the work of cooking is not my favorite (let’s be honest), I like what sharing food together does for relationships. It creates an opportunity to […]

Easy Immunization Record Tracking with Washington MyIR!

Medical records. More specifically, IMMUNIZATION record tracking. Parents, did you just have an anxiety attack? Immunization Record Tracking Doesn’t it seem like requests for your child’s immunization records come at the VERY. WORST. TIME. *This content is sponsored by MyIR. All opinion and interest in this program are my own. How many times have you, […]

The Activision Family Game Summit & Activision Goodie Bag Giveaway!

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Activision Family Game Summit! Read: there may or may not be a game and toy goodie bag giveaway (approx. $400 value!) at the end of this post. So don’t change that channel… I mean, URL! At the Activision Family Game Summit, experts in the field […]

I gotta make this quick! Mom and Dad are here!!!

I gotta make this quick! My mom and dad are in town and we’re busy! From visiting the Seattle Gum Wall, to a Mariners game, to a fun, quacker-filled adventure on Ride the Ducks… QUACK QUACK! It got a little windy on the Duck, but as you can tell my daughter and husband had didn’t mind. […]

I *heart* my family.

I have been in Colorado for the last 5 days. My dad had triple bypass last Sunday. I love my family… I booked a flight and made it out by Monday afternoon. Wednesday was Lucy’s birthday. It was really hard to be away. REALLY hard. But thanks to technology (Google Hangout, to be exact) I […]

May your days be merry and bright…

Like, for reals. I’m not even kidding. May your days be merry and bright! And sparkly! Not so much sparkly in a Ke$ha sorta way… but sparkly in a child’s eye sorta way. This last week, or 2, or many months…. have been filled with lots of ups and downs… personally and beyond. I try […]

Our Day in Seattle: The Seattle Great Wheel & The Gum wall

We live pretty close to Seattle. So close, lots of folks commute there for work. Including my husband. But it’s far enough that a family of 5 can’t hop on over unless they want to make at least a half-day of it. So, one might say we made a HALF day of it recently. We […]

Camping with the family… And also CAMP COFFEE!!!

We went camping recently. A quick trip… 2 nights. Not too far away. But it was camping nonetheless. To be completely honest… I really like camping. I like the adventure of it. But I also like a campground with showers and toilets. Personally, I prefer not using the FACILITREES. But we do tent camp… not […]

The 22 Day Road Trip: The SO Excited BEFORE & Reeeeally Tired AFTER

This was our first family picture… about 5 miles into our 4,500 mile journey to the center of the earth: We are all pretty excited in this picture, here. Lucy especially. You can’t tell the other two are excited because I drive them nuts with my picture taking. I tell them in 20 years they […]

Family Pictures, Road Trip, Evo Conference, OH MY!

I have so many stories floating in my head. I just don’t know where to start. I suppose I’ll just make this easy on all of us. I had a GREAT time at my parent’s house…  (a *sweet* moment captured of MY children and my PARENT’S children. So…) I have VOLUMES of stories about our […]