DIY: How To Paint A Pumpkin

Wondering about how to paint a pumpkin? WONDER NO MORE! Painting a pumpkin is as easy as… well… PAINTING A PUMPKIN, yo! DIY: How to Paint a Pumpkin An aside: I shot video of this. But my camera decided to cop a ‘tude and all my footage is useless. ABSOLUTELY USELESS. However… this is still […]

Frame Your Fall Look with VSP

I love Fall. For so many reasons… including but not limited to FALL FASHION. *Thanks to VSP Direct™ for sponsoring this post. I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. I love boots. And layering. I love the return of deeper colors. And I love colored tights. In short, I love the fall […]


Fall is my favorite. I repeat, FALL IS MY FAVORITE. I remember riding in car with my Great Grandma Sue when I was a little girl. In her blue, 57 Chevy Nova. With a mini-box of Kleenex in the windshield. In the Fall, she would always the trees. She loved the colors… There isn’t a […]

MamaKat Falls Out of a Port-a-Potty at Vlogger Fair! #video

There really is very little more to add. My friend Kat and I met-up at Vlogger Fair. It was held in Seattle the beginning of June. And since we are vloggers, we vlogged at Vlogger Fair. Of course Kat made it pretty easy… by falling out of a port-a-potty, breaking her fork cutting a crêpe, […]

Storytelling: Looking for Inspiration in the Everyday

I am a firm believer that stories are everywhere. But sometimes – and more recently – oftentimes… life gets so full, or chaotic, or stressful… the stories are hard to see. Writer’s block exacerbated by life chaos? Perhaps. I wonder, though, if it is more a general mind-block… Mental (or creative) constipation, if you will. How’s […]

The Big Fall of 2010

It all started innocently enough. A walk to the bathroom along a park sidewalk with my daughter. As we walked, I teased my friend Katie a few feet away, “Maybe when I get back, I’ll go get us an iced coffee…” We had been hard at work, providing an “adult” presence at drama camp. {Of […]