MamaKat Falls Out of a Port-a-Potty at Vlogger Fair! #video

There really is very little more to add. My friend Kat and I met-up at Vlogger Fair. It was held in Seattle the beginning of June. And since we are vloggers, we vlogged at Vlogger Fair. Of course Kat made it pretty easy… by falling out of a port-a-potty, breaking her fork cutting a crêpe, […]


I expereinced a major sunbathing fail this weekend. Like, seriously. I’ve been longing for a lounger for all my life. Literally. I have never owned an outdoor lounger. But they aren’t cheap, and other things have always been more important. Like shoes. Whiskey. Wine. Food for the children. Washi tape. It has been a bit […]

Give a kid a hot dog (and permission to microwave it…)

Have you ever given your 6 year old permission to cook her own hot dog in the microwave? You know… since she knows her numbers and all… 44 seconds. She knows how to press the number 4. Twice. Right? I gave her a nod of permission to proceed with her culinary feat… She INSISTED she […]

In which I take children to the carwash and the liquor store. But the liquor store gives stickers.

May I begin with an off-topic digression? I never know if I should capitalize my post titles. It’s kinda not something I do well, so I kind-of just don’t. I kinda feel like if I do, I am caving to “the man”. Not that I even know who “the man” is. I supposed “the man” […]

Our Tooth Fairy must have dementia… or a black heart.

She failed BIG back in Feb ’09. After 5 days of waiting, Olivia decided to leave a note: Fast forward to oh… say… A MONTH AGO… When Olivia swallowed a tooth. And the Tooth Fairy failed to come. And then 2 weeks later (when we were in Orlando) another tooth fell out… and she dropped […]

Make Me Laugh Monday: Maybe It'll Be Funny in Hindsight

It’s been a bit, well… busy lately. My house is… well… feels less like a house and more like a garbage dump, but with more dog hair. *eyes go wild* So, my husband, saw me in my glory distress (read: he may or may not have called home to speak to a weepy, sobby, hiccupy-crying […]

Dear Tooth Fairy: I Have Been Waiting a Very Long Time

I am thinking I may have enough material to make this a regular feature. *sigh*  Dear Tooth Fairy, I have been waiting a very long time. Here’s the skinny. My 6 year old daughter, Olivia lost a tooth last Saturday. As of last night (Thursday), the Tooth Fairy still hadn’t paid up. I explained her […]