ALERT: Facebook Page Administrators, Your Banned Fans May Be Stalking You.

If you publicly share content online, then you should know… people see it. In my experience, most of the people are decent people, event GREAT people. But there’s that 1%. That 1% is ugly. That 1% is nasty. That 1% is gross. They may be mentally unwell… terribly, terribly unwell. Some… may even be threatening. Anytime we […]

Get Your Daily Shot: In Which I Go Daily Video… ONLY on Facebook!

Call me crazy. It’s not like you haven’t before. I was taking a shower one day. Like, a day ago. I was thinking. Weird, right? Actually, I think a lot. However, and luckily for all the people not inside my head, much of that noise just stays in there. It’s like a pinball machine of […]

Will Cook For Compliments: A Vlog

Sure… I feed my kids when they are hungry, but… BUT… I’m serious. DON’T TELL MY KIDS. Oh, and I am not the only one with ulterior motives: Visit Hillshire Farm on Facebook right here to keep up on their latest and greatest news and connect with their active community! They are up to all […]

My Own PSA on Businesses that Make Profile Pages

I am so tired of getting friend requests from businesses on Facbeook (AND BLOGS). I am irritated… INCENSED even. Hitherhencetofore, a video PSA in which I explain why. I also use the word “stupid”. I may seem harsh, but I am will to stand by my own side if fire comes from this. And I […]

Soapbox Alert: Kids on Facebook

Did you just flinch? I do when I think about young kids on the FB. At the risk of taking an unpopular stand… I say if a person is under 14, they should not be on Facebook… or MySpace… or Twitter… or… *insert your choice social network here* COPPA says so too… fyi… My reasoning: […]

Make We Laugh Monday: How Did They Get To Here?

It has been awhile since I checked out the keyword phrases that are sending searchers over to Jenny On the Spot. Searchers. I am always a little surprised. Always a little disturbed. And always entertained by the creative long string searches that land folks on the doorstep of Jenny On the Spot. It makes me […]