Family Pictures, Road Trip, Evo Conference, OH MY!

I have so many stories floating in my head. I just don’t know where to start. I suppose I’ll just make this easy on all of us. I had a GREAT time at my parent’s house…  (a *sweet* moment captured of MY children and my PARENT’S children. So…) I have VOLUMES of stories about our […]

Evo Conference 2012 – Here I Come!!!

I’m heading to EVO!!! And by EVO I do not mean Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Besides, that’s EVOO. But I digress… EVO. The first year I went to Evo in 2010 I road tripped (15 HOURS each way y’all!!!) with Maya (Memetales). I love that woman. I’m serious. LOVE. HUR. This year, I will be […]

On the Road Again…

It’s planes, ferries and automobiles again. Yay economy class! Last December we drove to Colorado to visit family for Christmas. And we had to go to urgent care, and I saw this creative use for a swine flu mask. I should make another video… Stick with me… I will get to my point.