Y’all. I TOTES rode a HOT STINKING AIR BALLOON! *steps away from the caps lock*

Hot air balloon, much? Is there awesome in that? THEN YES! I went to Evo Conference last week and left inspired. AS I ALWAYS DO WHEN I LEAVE EVO. But… HOT AIR. When I make my bucket list, I will get to cross-off ride in a hot air balloon. Cuz homies – THAT TOTES GOT […]

The Evo Conference Vlogging Workshop

Back in July I went to Park City, Utah to go to the Evo Conference! I helped lead a vlogging conference with Kia Ruiz and Lamar Tyler. [photo cred: Lamar Tyler] I had such a great time with Lamar and Kia and all our Evo vlogging workshop-ees! In the workshop we talked about, well… VLOGGING! We shared a […]

Ignite at Evo – Ignite Your Inner Sparkle.

Oh people. It’s up. *that’s what she said* I went to the Evo Conference last weekend and… LOOK… they let me be on a stage with a MICROPHONE! [photo cred: Justin Hackworth *insert bowing here*] And why did I have a mic? On account of the fact of… I don’t know. They asked, I said […]