The eBay Holiday Gift Guide: Find something for everyone on your list!

It’s almost time… for our loved ones to either find something from us under the tree… OR NOT. I prefer the former. Not the latter. Though I will/have hit the stores a bit, I will be weaving online shopping into my gift giving this year. *Points at eBay* Sites like eBay make it easy to […]

eBay: Celebrating their 100 Millionth Mobile Listing with a $25,000 Sweepstakes!

You read that one right – 25 big ones, people. Have you ever tried out eBay’s mobile app? I have and I wrote about it here: eBay’s Mobile App: That was pretty awesome Parents… we are constantly on-the-go. Busy. Busy. Busy. OH HECK, IT’S NOT JUST PARENTS THAT ARE BUSY! With the mobile app, eBay has […]

eBay and School Uniforms: Be you buyer OR be you seller!

I feel it’s kind-of too soon to be thinking about back-to-school stuff, yet… IT IS TOTALLY NOT TOO SOON. My girls attend a school with a uniform policy. So our back-to-school shopping is easy… unless you wait until August. WHICH IS  LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY *insert mild panic attack here*. The local stores sell […]

Turn to eBay to Outfit Your Summer: Making The Monies

I could totally make this post buying all your summer gear on eBay. I TOTES COULD. I mean… you can outfit everybody at your pool party with goggles found on eBay. But today I am actually talking about using eBay to help fund those summer purchases you didn’t get to budget for. Raise your hand […]

eBay’s Mobile App: That was pretty awesome

So… The other day I was fed-up with looking at a certain pair of Twinkle Toes Sketchers neither of my girls ever wore because I guess their feet tend to grow overnight. *deadpan stare* And you know what, guys… I was just stinkin’ tired of that box sitting on my desk… and also just tired. […]

eBay… The Inside Scoop on Coupons *sponsored*

I am an inexperienced eBay user. Let me clarify… SELLER. And inexperienced seller. My husband, on the other hand… Just today he joked, “How many guitars does a guitarist need? Me: “I give” Him: “Just one more.” Funny. That’s how I feel about shoes. And purses. And scarves. But. The hubs… being a musician-type… eBay […]

Spring is in the air! (Read: SOMEONE has been bit by the Spring Cleaning bug)

*A sponsored story as part of my participation in the eBay Parent Panel* I know, I know… it isn’t spring. YET. But that doesn’t matter. It seems the little spring cleaning bug bites me early. Almost as soon as I put away the last Christmas decoration, my mind wanders to the nooks and crannies that […]

Go Green With the eBay Green Team & a chance to win a $1000 eBay gift card!

I know, I know… “going green” is so trendy. But really, we should all be doing what we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. I do a pretty good job of recycling. I even compost! Well, for 2 weeks now! In fact, the eBay folks even posted a composting FAQ that I have found to […]

Socio and Enviro-minded Gift-giving

Consumption. Tis the season. Which has me thinking… about gift giving. A lot. I think about nation-wide retailers vs. my neighbor who greets me at the door of their own business. And I think about “stuff” through the eyes of someone who is becoming more and more unnerved by the waste our stuff is creating. I would not […]

The Great Holiday Panic [sponsored]

So maybe I’m being a little dramatic but… HAVE YOU LOOKED AT THE CALENDAR LATELY? !!!!! We’re, like 5 weeks from Christmas and Santa’s sleigh is… well… the ELVES have not been doing a good job getting Santa’s sleigh ready. *breathes in bag* For me, this season of giving creates panic on 2 levels… Spending […]