Washi, Duct, Masking, Shipping, and Magic Tape

I’m gonna give it to you straight…I love tape. Washi tape, duct tape, masking tape, shipping tape, magic tape… Tape, tape, TAPE!!! What is washi tape? It’s, basically… paper tape that has a bit less stick to it. Which is actually quite handy as that means it is – removable! Look and this cutie-wootie little […]

Baked Cookies or No-Bake Cookies?

Discuss. And also… Totally unrelated… While using the facilities at a local place of business… I spied a very creative solution: Safety first!!! Andalsoducttape. ******** Keep up on the ridiculous, the insightful, the always digressive… Get Jenny On The Spot by RSS or EMAIL or newsletter! Follow JOTS on Twitter, join the Facebook Fan Page […]