Dresses are the new black: Hello Shabby Apple! [Sponsored]

In the last year or so, I have added 1 or 2 pairs of jeans to my wardrobe… and probably a dozen dresses. Oh gosh. Maybe more. Let’s not talk about bags. Although I have been looking at many stunning womens bags online recently. I can’t resist! Why? Because dresses are the new black. (Yes. […]

What to Wear: Colored Tights. Definitely.

Everywhere I look.. colored tights, colored tights, colored tights… On the people in the magazinessess, hanging on display racks in the stores… but not necessarily on the legs of the ladays around town all too much. YET. But. They’re coming… to the legs of women in Smalltown America. They. Are. Coming. Mark my words. I […]

What to Wear Wednesday!

*Real quick! I have a vlogging class up over at Mom Spark Media! Good stuff, if I do say so myself!* Don’t get this confused with a “fashion” post. Or do. I am not the boss of you. These are just things I would totally wear, but do not own. Not to be mistaken as […]