The Monday Minute (or two): Featuring Gus the Singing Shih Tzu!

Hiya friends! In today’s video I am excited to feature Gus, the singing Shih Tzu! I am not sure if he is singing or crying, but his tail usually wags when he does it, so we’ll assume singing. It’s Monday, therefore, the Monday Minute! It’s time to take Monday by the horns and be all, […]

Should We Stay or Should We Go: Pets and Holiday Travel

As much as our pets are our family, it is sometimes just impossible or at least very difficult to take our pets with us when we head out for the holidays. Pets and holiday travel, y’all. The question of “What do we do with the dog(s)?” has always been an issue for us. With a […]

Rover.com: Dog Boarding Service for Dog Owners and Dog LOVERS!

If you follow my antics on Facebook, or Instagram, or this blog… then you know I have 2 dogs. Kevin and Gus. Kevin, has become a bit of an internet sweetheart. In a very small corner of the internet, but still. It’s funny to me how his personality comes through in pictures. He really is […]

My Dogs: Kevin and Gus and the Purina® Pro Plan® Fitness Group

You read that right. My dogS I have two. TWO. Kevin. He’s the oldest. He’s a Lab-Retriever type. We got him when he was 8 weeks old from the Humane Society. Such a sweet wittle puppy he was. He was so snuggly and mellow and sweepy… until we brought him home. That was the first […]

Silly Puppy Gus is silly.

This is just a little post about our puppy, Gus. I think I’ve told you about him before. He’s 8 months old. He’s part shih tzu, chihuahua, poodle… and schnauzer (?) or some-sort-of-mouthful. He’s hilarious. And very disobedient. Not unlike my children. Aaaanywho… I wanted to share something funny. I hope these few pictures give […]

Take It On Tuesday: In Which KEVIN Takes OVER.

It’s time for Take It On Tuesday, folks!!! But my tutorial on making embroidery hoop art (what?!) went sideways because of Kevin. OUR DOG. He has stolen the show before. Like that one time when he pulled Lucy’s tooth. Or the time he attacked me while cleaning my junk drawer. Or that one time he […]

A Letter To My 60+ Pound "Puppy",

Dear Kevin, You are over 60 pounds. And from what people tell me… you are still a puppy. Not unlike my children when they were “puppies”, you like to be held. Yay me. Despite your adult-sized body, I know you are a puppy. I see how you leap. I see that look in your eyes […]